Paper vs Plastic: the Great Ice Cream Cup Conundrum

Did you know, the average american will eat ice cream 28 and a half times this year. That’s like eating ice cream every day for the entire month of July! Ice cream is such an important part of those hot summer months, its amazing how many people enjoy these delectable cold treats. Running an ice cream shop can be riddled with pressing decisions. One very important choice: Paper or Plastic.

How you deliver your cold, creamy, delicious frozen dessert is an important part of selling ice cream. Your best choice is to get some ice cream cups with lids, however its not as simple as that. Such containers come in vast varieties and you have to choose the one that is best for you.

Paper Ice Cream Cups

Now, of course paper ice cream cups aren’t just paper. They are coated with a plastic substance to protect from leakage disasters. The best thing about paper ice cream cups with lids is the massive selection of awesome designs. You can find just about any design, color, or pattern on the market. All such options which you can use to amp up the excitement for your ice cream. Even if you aren’t planning to sell ice cream, getting paper ice cream cups in the design you like can add fun and flair to your event or party. The added bonus of a lid allows you to release the stress of the mess. Paper ice cream cup lids are often tighter and more secure, keeping the ice cream itself safe should disaster strike.

Plastic Ice Cream Cups

Plastic ice cream cups are a whole ‘nother ball game. By maintaining a clear classy design these cups allows the ice cream to sell itself. Your customers will be able to admire your ice cream artistry as you poor that gorgeous chocolate syrup onto the creamy peanut butter ice cream or sprinkle the top of your best french vanilla with pure rainbow happiness. Words are incapable to describing how effective clear plastic ice cream cups will be, as your ice cream will do all the talking. Though the lids have a higher potential to pop off when dropped the presentation makes the risk well worth it.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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