Understanding Soy Lecithin and Its Uses

Sure, your kitchen has all sorts of ingredients. But do you know how to use them? Soy lecithin is a useful addition to any pantry, but not all of its uses are obvious. It’s a natural preservative, for starters.

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You can use it to replace eggs and fats or use it to soften your dough.

Soy lecithin is an amphiphilic substance, which means it binds together fats and water. This helps your food stay together. You can call this “emulsion,” or the binding of ingredients that don’t usually like to be together. By using soy lecithin, even water and oil can stabilize. Mayonnaise and vinaigrette are both emulsions, but they are not equally stable products. Mayonnaise is much more stable. Why? Because of the eggs! They contain soy lecithin. Any condiment containing eggs will be more stable thanks to the soy lecithin content.

Soy lecithin as a separate ingredient is a great option to avoid the taste of egg. When you cook your own food, you can make the choice to replace whatever you’d like. Ingredients like soy lecithin make it possible to do this without sacrificing the integrity of your completed dish.

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