Want To Attract More Customers To Your Cafe? Upgrade Your Soup Station In 2018

Coffee makes the world go round.

This is no mere hyperbole. Without the delicious taste and caffeinated boost of coffee much of what we enjoy today would be a little harder to obtain. In fact, many people find they can’t even get their day started properly without a good, old-fashioned cup of joe. When you craft your cafe you do so while keeping in mind the needs that make lattes, mochas and Americanos such a staple. Customers don’t just want a tasty brew. They want an entire experience to enhance their day and leave them smiling. How can you achieve this with so much competition to sift through?

From paper cups to hot soups, a lot of ingredients are needed to create the ideal coffee experience.

For the sake of scope…let’s look at the state of coffee today. The retail value of the American coffee market, for starters, was recently estimated at a staggering $50 billion. That’s over 55% of the total value share around the world! In fact, the United States imported nearly 30 million bags of coffee in 2014 alone, accounting for almost a quarter of global coffee sales. When it comes to paper cups and coffee accessories, your cafe is already off to a great start. There are more than enough customers to go around!

The average American consumer drinks two cups of coffee per day. Not only is coffee delicious, it’s easy to customize. This adds to the fun appeal of a cup of coffee, encouraging everyone to add their own unique spin and truly make it into something special. Around 35% of coffee drinkers prefer it black, while the majority prefer a little sugar or cream. Coffee preparation at home has even gone up by 5% recently, with 85% of past-day coffee drinkers also reporting they make coffee at home. Coffee is good for your health and some studies have even suggested it can reduce the onset of mental aging.

Independent coffee shops have a unique appeal that see them returned to time and time again. They manage to sell around 30% of espresso based drinks, with the rest brewed on-site to encourage repeat visitors. Specialty coffees represent nearly 40% of American coffee cups and are considered among the highest quality in the world. The two primary types that are used in most shops are Arabica and Robusta for their tasty flavors. It’s not just coffee and cute paper cups that get your customers talking, though.

Is it any mystery why cafes also love to stock pastries, salads and soups? While 65% of coffee is consumed during breakfast hours (and another 30% in-between meals), lunch is an increasingly popular affair at the local cafe. Americans eat more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year, with women twice as likely to order as men. Back in 2016 over 30% of deli operations planned to concentrate on enhancing their soup stations to encourage more visitors. A hot soup container should come with a tight lid so people can take their food on-the-go.

Your supplies are a major element that set you apart from your competitors. Coffee is, after all, just as fun to make as it is to drink! Paper cups with lids are a standard to accommodate your busy visitors, while coffee stirrers and stoppers can make the transition even easier. Plenty of creamer and sugar packets should be available to grab on the way out the door and, of course, you should consider upgrading your soup station if you haven’t already. Even the sleeves you use can boast a little extra advertising or eco-friendly intent to get the most out of the package.

Coffee helps the world keep spinning. How’s your shop going to fare these next few years?

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