What Are the Best Pizza Topping Combinations?

Everyone has their own pizza topping combinations they enjoy and the best way to find new favorites is by trying new pizza topping combinations. Keep reading to learn the best pizza topping combinations that you should try.

The first pizza topping combination to try is a little controversial, but very popular; ham and pineapple. Even if you’re not a fan or it doesn’t sound appealing to you, give it a try before you diss it.

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The second pizza topping combination to try is black olives and mushrooms. When the meatiness of a mushroom pairs with the brininess of the black olive, it forms a vortex of flavors in your mouth. You may not like olives in real life, but when you put them on a pizza you may change your mind.

The third pizza topping combination to try is bacon with everything. you could try bacon and sausage, bacon and pepperoni, bacon and chicken, bacon and veggies, or even bacon and onion. The saltiness and gaminess bring any pizza with bacon to a new level.

To learn more pizza topping combinations to try, watch the video above!


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