Your Local Catering Company Can Deliver Great Food to Your Home

In the YouTube video On The Table titled How to Prepare For Catering A Party, with Chef Marcus Buric explains why you might want to hire a catering company for large groups of people. He gives you some tips on how he plans a catering event and how to cater small parties for 12 or fewer people at home.

Chef Buric is preparing to cook a meal for 150 people and has a menu he has designed. He starts by studying the menu, so he knows what he has to buy and how to prep the food ahead.

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The first task is to make a shopping list with separate lists for meat, produce, dairy, and grocery. When he goes shopping, he carefully shops to be sure to get everything on his list. He says multitasking is an important skill to learn when catering.

Caterers prepare several recipes at once and often some ahead of time. He starts by making soups and sauces early in the week that increase in flavor. Most soups, sauces, and salad dressing get better with time. A catering company often must prepare a meal a week ahead.

Chef Buric makes salads, dips, and blanches pasta ahead, so it is partially cooked. He cooks meat a day ahead and appetizers or other dishes. He offers you tips on slicing bread, making hamburgers using a scoop, and slicing cucumbers with a mandolin. Hiring a catering company for a large event or party of fifty or more will relieve the stress of planning and cooking when you have other tasks to accomplish.


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