Your Local Gummy Candy Store Has Fantastic Options

Of all of the holidays that we celebrate across the world, few bring the kind of happiness that Halloween establishes on a year-to-year basis. Whether it is a family decorating their first pumpkin together, a child who gets to experience trick-or-treating for the very first time, or an adult who then gets to help devour that candy haul, Halloween is a fantastic holiday for people of all ages.

But, with great holidays come great debate topics. And, when it comes to a Halloween-related discussion, the main questions inevitably come back the same, every single year. Which candy is the best? Do you prefer chocolate or sour candy? Would you rather find a tootsie roll or a lollipop in your child’s Halloween bag? How long will it be until you run out to a gummy candy store to buy some more dessert options? Really, there are no wrong answers to these questions, but they certainly make for raucous debates.

When it comes right down to it, all candy is delicious. But, of course, different people have different tastebuds, and that means there will always be endless, and some contentious, discussions about this topic. The only unbiased way to answer which candy is best, is to look at what actual research indicates.

Did you know that research was conducted to determine each state’s favorite Halloween candy option? You may not agree with what came up in the results, but in this case, majority does rule. Here are some of the interesting findings from the survey, based on previous Halloween numbers.

Most Popular Halloween Candy by State

Candy Corn – It may be a classic option, but candy corn was eaten as the top candy by a whopping seven states – Alabama, Iowa, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, and Rhode Island. It is also important to note that this may be the popular choice due to the results being taken from Halloween, specifically.

Skittles – The rainbow colored candy was the next most frequently named option, with five states consuming it at the most popular rate – California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. These states definitely tasted the rainbow.

Reese’s Cups – The peanut butter and chocolate classic combination came in as the third most popular option, with four states eating it at the highest rate – Kansas, Oregon, Texas, and Wyoming. And, still nobody ate it the wrong way.

Many types of candy came in next on the list with three different states enjoying it at the highest level. There were even a few states that were the only one to rank their choice as highest. It is truly fascinating research and worth checking out for any candy lover.

One of the amazing things about candy is that there are endless choices. Whether you head out to the local gummy candy store, or just pick something out on the side of your grocery store checkout line, candy lovers must unite in their appreciation for this industry.

Do not neglect how important candy can be for an important event! A gummy candy store may have the perfect hilarious shape to surprise your friend at an upcoming party. Make sure to remember that we all have different tastes, and always try to bring everybody’s favorite choice along!

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