How to Make Your Own BBQ Seasonings

When it comes to grilling meat, using the right BBQ seasonings is crucial for a tasty meal. Luckily, making your own seasonings is simple, and you likely have many of the necessary ingredients in your spice cabinet already.

You can make a delicious BBQ rub using paprika, salt, sugar, granulated garlic, granulated onion, chili, cumin, black pepper, dry mustard, and cayenne pepper.

The higher the quality of your spices, the better your meat will taste, so don’t hesitate to splurge on more expensive ingredients. It’s also helpful to store your spices in airtight containers so they maintain their freshness for as long as possible before you use them.

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Mason jars and Ziploc bags are especially good at keeping air out.

Keep in mind as you grill that there are no strict rules for making BBQ seasonings. Don’t hesitate to play around with your ingredients a bit so that they meet your personal tastes and pair well with the type of meat you’re grilling.

If you prefer your meat a little sweeter, try adding a bit of brown sugar or honey. If you’re craving more spice, add some extra pepper. Have fun, and don’t forget to taste test as you go.


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