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The Certification Course That will Keep Your Business Doors Open

Mar 27 2013

Food protection course

According to budget estimates from the NYC Department of Health, the city will take in $48 million in health code violation fines from restaurants in 2012. As a consumer, information like this can be incredibly unsettling. Enrolling in a food handling course could mean the difference between your business doors being opened or closed.

While most of your employees may feel they know a ton about restaurant food safety, this may not necessarily be the case. For instance, did you know that When it comes to perishable foods, “the danger zone” refers to temperatures between 40 °F and 140 °F, the range in which harmful bacteria multiply the fastest? or that When perishable food is refrigerated, bacterial growth slows down dramatically, but it does not stop?

A food handling course or restaurant food safety course will not only give you this type of information, but also information on how to execute proper personal hygiene, restaurant food safety, the types of bacteria and food borne illnesses that can result as poorly handling food, and how to protect yourself and your customers from these illnesses.

Food and sanitation courses are available online, making getting your food handling certificate convenient and easy to do. Most if not all restaurant inspections are unannounced. In order to keep the doors to your business open and avoid hefty fines, enroll your business into a food handling course and get your food protection certificate. Courses are at your convenience, so do not get caught not in compliance to health code standards, for the sake of your business, and those you serve.

To Learn About The Restaurants Denton TX Has Available To Eat At, Read Below

Mar 25 2013

Flower mound restaurants

If you and your family are traveling on a vacation to Texas and will be somewhere in the vicinity of Denton restaurants need to be one of your highest priorities if you want to make the most of your trip. The restaurants Denton TX has open and available are some of the best in the state and there, you will be able to pick out some of the most delicious cuisine that you are likely to find in the south. By visiting the best restaurants Denton TX residents will be able to have different and unique meals every day and can share them with their families. Perhaps more importantly, the different restaurants Denton TX residents can eat at will provide culinary experiences that are all unique from each other, making it a perfect way to add some diversity to the vacation.

When you are looking into the different restaurants Denton TX has for you to eat at, it is important to decide whether or not you are interested in eating somewhere casual or upscale and whether or not you are craving a different type of cuisine. For instance, when looking into fine dining denton tx travelers will be likely to choose a different restaurant than if they are interested in pizza or barbeque. Fortunately, there are restaurants Denton TX travelers can eat at that will accommodate any palate.

One thing you can count on from any of the Denton restaurants that you might frequent is good old southern hospitality. This is important because in addition to finding Denton texas restaurants that have great food, you will also want to enjoy high quality customer service. Fortunately, when you frequent restaurants in Denton TX, you will always be met with good food and good service.

Once you are in Denton, you will be able to see for yourself all of the great restaurants that you will be surrounded by. It is also to remember that there are other great restaurants in neighboring towns too like Flower Mound, Corinth, and Highland Village. By not limiting yourself, you will have the opportunity to try even more food.

When you leave the Denton area, you will certainly do so with a full belly. You will also go knowing that you missed out on at least some of the great cuisine, simply because there is so much to sample. Fortunately, this will be a great excuse for a return visit.

Hummus and Salsa

Mar 24 2013

Guacamole brands

Hummus is acutally the Arabaic word for what those in the Middle East know as ‘chickpeas’ instead of hummus itself which has a whole other word to define the meaning. The consumption of hummus has lead to the growth of hummus brands, salsa brands, guacamole brands that we love to consume these days. Hummus dips vary vastly depending on what salsa brands you use an what Middle Eastern countries you travel to try them at. There is spicy fresh guacamole that goes great with many salsa brands. In fact, the Guinness Book of World Records even records the use of eight tons of boiled chick peas, two tons of tahini, and two tons of lemon juice, and one hundred and fifty four pound of olive for the largest of all hummus recipes ever made in quantity. Chickpeas came to origin by the ancienty Phoenicians over seven thousand years ago. Along with the use of it in salsa brands, we are seeing how it has led to the use of recipes for hummus that vary in nationality and has created a diverse and well loved snack by many around the world.

Create Mouthwatering Culinary Creations with Candied Flowers

Mar 23 2013

Crystallized flowers

What if you could transform a simple culinary cuisine into a tasty, wonderful mouthwatering masterpiece? The simple addition of candied flowers, micro greens, or edible flowers to any dish can enhance the flavors of the cuisine while adding a decorative touch.

Candied flowers, microgreens, and edible flowers can enhance the flavors of culinary creations ranging from simple salads, to wedding cakes, cupcakes and vinegars and dressings. The addition of these items to any culinary creation not only enhances the flavor of the dish, but makes it more visually appealing to the eye. This is because the candied flowers and microgreens are filled with bright, vibrant colors that attract the eye.

While candied flowers and microgreens may look like tiny little sugar filled items, they are actually just the opposite. Microgreens are packed with hundreds of vitamins and nutrients. In fact, one small 14 day old microgreen leaf has the same vitamins and nutrients as a huge fully grown vegetable.

Candied flowers, edible flowers for salads, and other microgreens may look like they are extremely easy to grow on your own, but they are not. It takes a lot of time, knowledge, and energy to grow microgreens, which is why it is best to purchase these specialty produce items such as edible flowers, candied flowers, and microgreens from a successful microgreen grower.

Be able to impress friends and family by using a culinary technique chefs all over the world are using; the addition of candied flowers, crystallized flowers, microgreens, and other edible flowers to any meal. Add these items to soups, salads, seafood dishes, and more to make them flavorful and more visually appealing.

Discover Something New and Exciting in Queen Creek

Mar 23 2013

Queen creek restaurants

Why travel hundreds of miles to discover something new when there are thrilling and exciting things to do right in your own backyard. Queen Creek, Arizona is filled with restaurants, shops, farmer’s markets, activities, and entertainment that provide the city with a unique charm that locals and travelers from afar can’t find anywhere else.

The close proximity of Queen Creek AZ to the downtown Phoenix area and the beautiful San Tan Mountain Regional Park make this bustling city a quiet, quaint retreat the locals love to explore. From the Queen Creek Olive Mill to the Queen Creek performing arts center, there are so many unique and wonderful things to do that can fill your entire day with fun and excitement.

People love to stroll down the streets and explore the wonderful, flavorful Queen creek restaurants. Many of the restaurants like the Queen creek olive mill serve unique, Tuscan inspired cuisines called del Piero. The restaurants in Queen Creek AZ are one of the only places in the southwest where this type of cuisine is served.

After sampling the mouthwatering dishes and cuisine at the Queen Creek Olive Mill, people will take time to explore the unique gourmet gift shop. The Queen creek Olive Mill has a small gourmet gift shop and marketplace that is filled with hundreds of unique and hard to find items. People love exploring the shelves looking for something new to discover.

Entertainment can be found at the Queen Creek equestrian center, known as the Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Center. This equestrian center hosts numerous equestrian events all year round, and is often used to host car shows and concerts.